What is the best battery?

“Can you please just tell me what is the best so I can buy it already?…”

The internet is loaded with so many sales activity that is hard to get a good grasp of battery knowledge. As a consumer, we are bombarded with Duracell and Energizer commercials that we simply just want to know what is the best battery. However what most folks don’t understand is that Batteries of the 18650 architecture come in a variety of ranges. Everyone in the industry promotes battery safety and its importance, however finding the correct range for the right device is the actual core of practicing battery safety.

The chart you are seeing is a classification system.
It is labeled A thru E and is coded in the color spectrum from Blue to Yellow. This is done intentionally done to not display any sign of superiority between each class. They are each different for different purposes, and one if not better than the other.

Batteries have two major specifications its density, and its discharge.

Density – Is generally what we refer to as usage time or how long the battery will last. This is measured in milliamp hours.
Discharge – Is the rate of current the battery can output in a circuit. This is measured in continuous amps.

There is a symbiotic balance between the two specifications where you get either More density and less discharge rate or More Discharge and Less Density and you cannot have it any other way.

Batteries suitable for vaping begin at 10 amps. Although 10 amps are already considered high discharge in comparison with other industries as typical items such as flashlight don’t require this much output.
However, in the vaping a 10 amp minimum is required to properly vaporize E-liquid under typical settings. So our chart begins with the Type A Battery at 10 amps, then finishing with the Type – E battery at 30 amps because there is no 18650 cylindrical battery capable of more than 30 amps at this moment. So through the chart, we can see the gradual step down of MilliampHour density from left to right and the discharge rate increases.

Hence the flow of this chart is:

(Type A) PVA Battery 3500 Mah / 10 Amp

(Type B) PVA Battery 3000 Mah / 15 Amp

(Type C) PVA Battery 2500 Mah / 20 Amp

(Type D) PVA Battery 2000 Mah / 25 Amp

(Type E) PVA Battery 1500 Mah / 30 Amp

Ultra High Density / Very Low Discharge

High Density / Low Discharge

Medium Density / Medium Discharge

Low Density / High Discharge

Very Low Density / Ultra High Discharge



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