“What makes a good coil?”

True performance is both instant ramp up and rapid heat dissipation

For too long folks have been building coils heavier and heavier, or going lower and lower in ohms to try and achieve better heat and flavor.  This path is completely wrong and is both stressful and dangerous to your battery as well as a complete waste of energy on so many levels.

Quad coil setups, Quad Core setups, Super large gauges of wire and too many wraps are the main culprits of a bad coil.  In the end, it is nothing but a huge hunk of metal that requires ridiculously high wattage settings in order to power.

The truth is we many times forget that a wattage is just a product number based on resistance and voltage applied.  It really does not dictate performance nor how much heat is produced.

You know the rule, everything in moderation.  True performance is both instant ramp up and rapid heat dissipation.  Your coil should not require more than the nominal voltage to power.  This means your coil should glow instantly with no more than 3.6volts applied. Mechanical devices operate at an analog signal which is the smoothest signal mimicking fire.  This is why so many vape aficionados still use mechanical today aside from its aesthetics.

Due to the nature of voltage drops, a fully charged battery at 4.2volts will typically operate between 3.8 to 3.2 volts under load.  For this reason, if your coil needs more energy than what a battery can naturally put out.  Your coil is simply overweight.

Clapton coils are based on a staged heating principal.  Very similar to twin turbo.  It is not two turbos running side by side but rather one pushes first until the other can take over.  The little brother who is more nimble starts off first while big brother who is stronger but less agile takes over after.  The goal is to have a coil at the same target resistance ramp up faster than just using a single solid gauge. On the flip side heat dissipation is also very important.  Any amount of metal has heat retention so we want to use a little as possible.

For your vape to properly mimic fire from a cigarette, you want your coil to instantly ignite and quickly dissipate.  Better heat dissipation will help to maintain fresher wicks in your RDA and/or longer lasting juice in your Tank.  Too much residual heat in tank systems will over steep your juice changing its flavor.

Pegasus Vapor Academy now offers professionally made high – end 316 fused Clapton Coils promising the best performance of low energy ramp up and rapid heat dissipation.  The core wire and the wrapping wire must be at least 10 gauges apart for properly staged heating to take effect.  Beware of sellers who use thick wrapping wire to reduce production cost.  PVA Coils are wrapped in clean 40 gauge wire.  They are wrapped flawlessly and hold excellent flavor.

PVA coils are properly tuned in three sizes for all purposes covered.
28 Gauge – RTA Tank systems
26 Gauge – Standard RDA Decks and Single coil RTS systems
24 Gauge – Large RDA Decks

It is recommended not to exceed 7 wraps.  If you need more distance please go to the next size.  Too many wraps will hinder your coil’s performance.

PVA does not carry other coils for the following reasons:
30 gauge core wires because they are too flimsy.
22 Gauge core because they are too hard to bend, and simply too much metal so they perform at lower ends of the performance spectrum.
Kanthal or Nichrome wires, simply because they are not as clean as food grade 316 wire and Stainless steel can be used with Temp Control.
Tri-core or Quad-Core wires do not produce more heat than dual core.

To best understand what we mean by what makes a great coil, please follow our video demonstration below.  It will both explain the difference between different types of coils, as well as its advantages over traditional coil methods

Current Models

PVA High End 316 – Stainless Steel, Dual Fused Claptons. 2×28 – 40 Ga


100% all 316 SS Coil – Temp control compatible.

Inner wire = 2x 28ga
Outer wire = 40ga

Ohm Range: 0.30 – 0.33 (depending on wraps)

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PVA High End 316 – Stainless Steel, Dual Fused Claptons. 2×26 – 40 Ga


100% all 316 SS Coil – Temp control compatible.

Inner wire = 2x 26ga
Outer wire = 40ga

Ohm Range: 0.18 – .21 (depending on wraps)

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PVA High End 316 – Stainless Steel, Dual Fused Claptons. 2×24 – 40 Ga


100% all 316 SS Coil – Temp control compatible.

Inner wire = 2x 24ga
Outer wire = 40ga

Ohm Range: 0.12 – 0.15 (depending on wraps)

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