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Question, Everything.....

Do you have a wholesale program?

Absolutely, Anyone with a resale certificate is welcomed to carry our products. Please inquire here.

What is your warranty policy?

We currently only offer a warranty policy for our battery line.  You’ll find no other company will offer better coverage because no other company offers a better product.
Check out the full details here.

How do you test your batteries?

Computer battery analyzers.  It is a USB based device that comes with software so we may graph different aspects of a cell and benchmark them against each other.  This is how we know our cells are the best for sure. Most competitors carry lower grade cells of the same model to stay competitive in price.  We believe this is dangerous and see no reason not to carry anything but the best.

Guys!, where is my order? I didn't get a confirmation.

Check your spam and double check the e-mail you left with us.  All orders with proper working e-mails will get an automated message from us with your tracking info.  If you created an account with us you may also log onto this site to check your status.  Most domestic shipments arrive within 4-5 days the latest.  If you need further assistance, please use our contact page.

What battery do I use? I have a Model X Atomizer, sitting on Model Y Mod. My Resistance is Z.

On top of this information, we must know what is your target wattage.  Exactly how do you like to vape is just as important as your equipment.  Just because you bought a Mustang doesn’t mean you need race tires.  Help us understand what kind of vaper you are to better assist you.  You can also check out our battery explanation page here.

International Shipping: Anything I should know, Anywhere you don't ship? Any regulations to follow?

Canada, Australia, UK, Most of EU now have confirmation through USPS based address correction software. Other areas in the Middle East and Africa are questionable. Make sure your address is perfect prior to order submission for smooth shipping. Order shipping labels are printed exactly as entered by customers.  Please review our Shipping & Returns Policy page before making purchases.

International Payment: I live outside the U.S. and am having trouble submitting payment. What can we do?

Good News! PVA now also accepts stripe, however, if still an issue, special orders can be purchased through PayPal. 
Please write directly to us for details.

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