Best Battery Coverage Ever!

“Uhh, So what does this cover and how does it work?”

PVA batteries are the best cells in the industry period. To put our money where our mouth is we offer the best possible coverage known to man.
The cells are tested to be no less than the highest A-Grade of each batch that they are imported from.
The PVC wrapper is of the highest possible grade without adding thickness to the body. Customers that use our product will notice a significant boost in performance and vape-time as well as no snagging, cracking or tearing of the PVC wrapper.

The PVC wrapper is not just pretty packaging, it serves as a functional insulation between the positive end and the negative body of the cylindrical cell. Therefore, solid reliable wrappers are crucial to the safety and stability of your batteries and PVA confidently provides exactly that. A top-shelf worry-free battery that you can trust in all your devices. Most factories, as well as OEM brands, produce sub-par wrappers that can be very dangerous over a short period of use. It is absolutely appalling that some retailers supply heat shrink wrappers along with their batteries. Customers should not have to provide any additional labor after paying good money for a product. Re-wrapping or double wrapping your batteries is as absurd as buying a new car and having to repaint it. It should have been done properly from the start and ready to use out of the box.

Damaged cell or wrapper:
If you received an item which was damaged in transit, please email us immediately upon delivery with photos of the damage. Our customer service will make arrangements on an individual case basis.

DOA (dead on arrival):
If you received a battery which is DOA (completely dead, 0 voltage, will not accept a charge whatsoever), please contact us within 7 days of delivery for the issuance of an RMA. Cells which are DOA may be returned for a replacement, but they must be new/unused without signs of use or markings. All the original packaging, materials, etc must be included as this is considered part of the product. Batch/serial numbers will be checked and matched to ensure the product is ours and used or damaged cells claimed to be DOA will be rejected without notice and recycled.

Once the item is received and tested to be DOA, a replacement will be shipped at the expense of Pegasus Vapor Academy. After this 7-day window has passed our DOA guarantee shall expire and returns will not be offered.

Low Charge / Low Performance:
PVA has the equipment and the knowledge to test impedance or internal resistance. We know if the battery is flawed or if it was simply overused or damaged by high drain abuse.
Either way, the cell will be examined and we will determine the eligibility of replacement.

Pegasus Vapor Academy doesn’t care where you got your batteries from. Show us the cell, Show us a receipt and we will show you the respect you deserve for being one of our patrons.
No hassles, No runarounds, PVA takes care of its own. No questions asked.

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