What is a well-made coil?

"The key to any Fused-Clapton is proper stage heating"

A well-made coil can will all the difference in your vaping setup. The Fused-Clapton is the simplest compound coil that provides the most flavor and performance for the amount of effort put in. It provides flavor by having juice channels in its anatomy.  This allows E-Liquid to be absorbed and vaped from both your coil as well as your wick. There are tons of companies releasing all sorts of coils in various styles and gauges, but what distinguishes between quality in this construction?
The key to any Fused-Clapton is proper stage heating.   Stage heating is when a wire heats up very quickly first to help the slower coil ramp up faster. So in the case of a fused clapton, the core wire heats up first to speed up the heat transfer to the outter wrapping wire. To properly do this, you need the core and the wrapping wire to be at least 10 gauges apart. Most companies will use much thicker gauge wrapping wire to quickly complete the task. Although they provide some expected performance, they are not as efficient no optimal as a well-made coil.
A well made Coil should not require a ton of power to ramp up quickly. The coil should also dissipate heat quickly as residual heat will over steep your E-Liquid. The coil should be easily powered up between nominal voltages of a battery, which is around 3.6v