“Question, Everything……………..”

Pegasus Vapor Academy started off as an educational channel on YouTube.  We are an on-line series dedicated to providing special content for the vaping industry.

The internet is complicated and misinformation is everywhere. In 2012 the vaping industry at the time was just beginning to boom and information was scarce.  It wasn’t long before we noticed that most information that can be found on the web were not reliable sources for reference rather than a see filled with advertisement.   The specification found on different items varied between different vendors over the same models.  Immediately PVA dipped into some investigative reporting uncovering more and more hypocrisy and inconsistencies withing our beloved industry.

The first rule to any field of interest is safety.  “Safety First” we always say.  In the Vaping we generally mean battery safety first.
The truth about batteries alone is complex and contain so many myths to debunk.  It is through our investigative programming that we uncovered many truths that should be widespread but isn’t.

Through our studies and testing we’ve found that over 95% of branded batteries in the market are all mislabeled with dangerous embellished specifications done for marketing reasons.
There is currently no accountability for these actions and folks are getting hurt all over the news.  Granted that misinformation and the mislabeling of products run rampant in all walks of life, we have to start somewhere.
It is the direct result of having a show over the years with so much investigative work, testing, trial and error, and over all common sense that we have developed Honest Top Shelf products to challenge all the false products that have been plaguing this industry.

Today we still continue to dish out videos,  Such as our PVA Educational Series about vaping in general, and our Straight volt series where we debunk all sorts of battery topics in regards to vaping and reveal whats under the wrapper of many top labels.  This is why we encourage everyone to never stop educating themselves and “Question, Everything…..”